Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Brain Dump

I have had so many face palm and head desk moments today, it’s not even funny. Add to that having to listen to political news reports, and this is all seriously damaging my calm. Plus, it’s Friday. Why am I wearing pants? Oh well, at least I have my Hawaiian Shirt. Now, where did I put my towel?
Money is on my mind again. I’ve hit that frustration lull in job hunting, where you’ve dropped off applications everywhere that you’ve seen a “Now Hiring” sign, you’ve done so many online applications that your fingers are ready to drop off, and you haven’t heard one thing back from anyone. I know one major issue is, many places need an open availability, and I have a limited availability of nights and weekends. I know I’m going to find something, it’s just frustrating not knowing when. Until then, I’m just hitting the gift card sites and mturk heavily. Did you know you can buy personal care products on Amazon?
In other news, I still need to see The Avengers. Thanks to the internet, I know it has something to do with aliens, shawarma, and the Hulk going nuts on Loki, but how it all ties in, I have no idea. Do they kill Wash again?
In other random thinkings, you can attach coupons to your Marsh card online? Yes, please.
I downloaded the Couch to 5K app again on my phone. Let’s see if I’ll actually use it. I want to put together a lightweight Ghostbuster costume and start running 5K’s dressed as a Ghosbuster.
Sometime this weekend, I also have beer to bottle. Let’s see how THAT works.
Don’t you love how Friday’s have no solid theme? It’s just a brain dump? Nice little mess of non sequitur going on here, isn’t there?
I really need to pull my bicycle out of the closet and ride again. I’m thinking of taking up night riding, since there aren’t as many people driving around Castleton. However, the drunks come out at night, so I have to watch out for that. I think I need to get that light up jacket that the Riddler wore in Batman Forever for night riding.
And if you don’t get that reference, you’re better for it. Trust me.
I’ll see you all next week.

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