Monday, June 25, 2012

"Feed": A Book "Review"

I’m not much of a reviewer, so when I do these types of posts, I do apologize. Despite my pitiful descriptions and my hackneyed writings on these things I enjoy, I DO want to put out there that this is something that I enjoy, and I believe you might enjoy it as well. So please don’t take my inability to put my feelings for these things into words as a poor indication as to what I’m writing about is like. With that being said…
As I wrote last week, I finally got my Indianapolis-Marion County Library Card. After getting this card, there was one book I searched the library for, and when I couldn’t find it, it was the first book I looked for and reserved when I got registered for their online service.
Don’t look it up yet, especially if you want to read the series. To even describe it will spoil the first book for you severely.
The first book in this series is “Feed.” It’s set after the zombie uprising, where bloggers are now considered legit journalists. They recognized what was happening before anyone else did, and since they had seen all the films, they knew what to do: aim for the head, destroy the brain. They got the word out any way they could, and the world survived.
The way the world is written is interesting. The book drops you into the life of Georgia and Shaun Mason, a sister/brother team of bloggers who get pulled into a presidential campaign. The book is part zombie book, part political thriller, and very interesting. It’s set in the “current” day, around 2040, and all the events that lead up to it are explained in blog posts scattered through the book, giving the reader a good background of the world and characters, and how things got to where they are in the book.
For people who like zombie books, this is a decent read. It doesn’t have as much zombie action as some people might like, but it’s very well done. I enjoy it at least as much as I enjoyed "World War Z" by Max Brooks, if not a bit more. Exactly why, I couldn’t tell you, these books just seem a bit more fun, and raise my anxiety a bit more during the anxious zombie bits.
And yes, I started reading these BEFORE I started my pitiful attempts at blogging, so the subject matter wasn’t a particular draw to me. I think I had actually read about the first book on, and picked it up on a lark, as I had the spare time to read, and a little extra scratch.
I’ve read it a few times since I bought it, and since then, the other two books in the series have been released. I picked up the second on Saturday, and I’m currently on Chapter 8, about 170 pages in. It has been as enjoyable as the first book, and I’m anxious to see how this one turns out.
I definitely recommend picking this up for a read, be it purchased, digital, or checked out at the library.
I’ll see you tomorrow, with something that probably isn’t a shoddily written review.


  1. Dude, I like your style of writing (says the dyslectic guy in the back).

    Oh, I like the blog to.

  2. Glad someone does. I sometimes think half my hits come from myself checking something, even after I tell the PC not to track my own visits.