Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Building Up The Blogging Arsenal

Good morning to all those that somehow stumbled over here! Are we doing well? Have we had our morning coffee, or tea, or beer? Hey, I don’t judge. Unless you’re doing Twitter wrong, then I’m one judgmental jackhole!
And no, that’s not going to roll us into yet ANOTHER blog post on The Twitter. Even though I’ve noticed that they get more views than normal, I am NOT going to whore myself for page views. At least, not like I’m whoring myself for ad clicks and affiliate links. Yep, I’m really monetizing here. I think since I connected adsense to… something, might not be here, I’ve made 3.64. Yep, I should write a book.
Anyway, I should probably get on a topic, although I’ve been told by people who are regionally famous in three zip codes on The Twitter that they like how random I am.
And there I go with the Twitter again.
Anyway, I’ve recently come into the use of a new laptop/tablet PC. It’s one of those HP machines where the screen flips around and it becomes a tablet, provided you use the included stylus. It is pretty heavily used, and it needs a new battery, but it has built in wifi and a clear screen, so I am not complaining. As I’ve been playing with it, I’ve discovered that the handwriting recognition software is pretty nifty, and it exports into Word, so I can jot down my bloggings on it. Plus, since I don’t want to install too much software on it, since I only have it until, well, I don’t know when, guess what is my new blogging buddy? All I need is an external HD for anything I want to keep off of it, and a mouse for when I don’t want to use the touch screen, since it has one of those eraser tips in the center of the keyboard which drives me nuts. However, once again, not looking a gift horse in the mouth.
Needless to say, between this and my Evo, which provides me with a camera and a way to upload pictures, I’ve got everything I need for blogging on the go. Well, except for an everywhere Internet connection, but heck, MCDONALD’S has wifi, and where is there not a McDonald’s?
Now, if only I went anywhere that I wanted to blog about WHILE I was there.

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