Tuesday, August 14, 2012

So Many Posts, So Many Views, So Much Anxiety

Sometimes, you start doing something just to see if you can do it. For some people, this is running a marathon, or trying to climb Mount Everest. For me, it was starting this blog.
In case you can’t tell, I’m not a writer. I was never good at writing papers in school, I have no concept of sentence structure, I forget the difference between a noun and a verb, and yet here I am, still at my keyboard at work, putting, well, I want to say words on paper, but not quite that. Text on Microsoft Word 2007, perhaps. Either way, I’m still doing it.
I guess I’m enjoying it. I mean, since I started the blog with the first post on September 25, 2011, I’ve written 185 posts (this will be 186.) I’ve been viewed 4191 times, with an average day pulling in about 25-30 views.
This. Blows. My. Frakkin’. MIND!
Honestly, I sit down at my computer at work in the morning, get my morning job duties done, pull up my “Blog Postings” file, and just start typing thoughts down until I think I’ve put down enough, then I copy and paste it into Blogger, perhaps attach some tags, give it a title, then post it, tweet it, and forget about it. I don’t care about SEO, ABC, CBS, or whatever acronym the social media/blogging “experts” like throwing around. I just write whatever simmers to the surface of my brain, tweet it, and forget it. And somehow, I have people that read this.
Not only do I have this, but I also have a blog for my family on Wordpress, and a local Geek Blog also hosted on Blogger. Those blogs also get a few hits, but the Family Blog is kind of on hiatus since, well, I currently have no family, and the Geek Blog will probably get a small influx of people due to GenCon this week, and then will probably calm back down.
This blog, though, seems to be consistent. I find this weird, since it’s more of a “train of thought” blog than one focusing on one single subject. It’s more of a journal, either describing my day, or going off on a tangent or subject that’s on my mind. My top posts talk about the lack of a Comic Con in Indianapolis and issues with neighbors while living in apartments, but I still get more readers on posts concerning my daily activities than I have members of my family that have an internet connection and/or this blog address.
Having some actual readers gives me a small sense of anxiety. Have I already written about this before? Is what I’m putting down making sense? Is it easy to find old postings, if someone wants to refer back to something? Is the posting too long? How about too short? These are the thoughts that go through my head.
And then I get distracted by something flashy on the TV, and consider the post done.
See you tomorrow.