Thursday, August 16, 2012

Quick Update About My Silence

Wow, yesterday was a busy day! I kept trying to get on here to jot down some thoughts for the blog, but between meetings, paperwork, and GenCon prep, it totally got lost in the shuffle. However, I HAVE put up some of my Must See items at the Geeking in Indiana blog on what I’m doing this weekend, so you might want to pop over there and check it out.
In fact, that’s where I’m going to be the most active this weekend. I’m going to be heading downtown Friday and Saturday, immersing myself in the convention, trying games, meeting people, doing social media events, and just generally having fun and losing myself in the geekdom.
And Sunday will be the day of rest, laundry, and figuring out what to do with everything in my head from GenCon. Mostly everything will end up on Geeking, but I’m definitely going to put some highlights up on here on Monday.
Well, because of a short day today, and a lot going on, this’ll be it for this week. You guys are awesome, and I appreciate everybody visiting my little sliver of the internet.
High fives all around!

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