Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Apartment Hunting Time

I woke up this morning, did my morning routine, checked my bow tie, and walked out the door. Taped to the door was a note from my apartment complex telling me that, if I choose to renew my lease, it will be a $50 increase for 12 months, $44 increase for 13 months, $40 increase for 15 months, and $154 increase if I go month to month. This is on top of the increase I paid when I extended my lease back in 2011, which was another $30-$40. Oh, and watch out! This offer EXPIRES on 10/27/2012, just mere days before my lease is up October 31st. I wasn’t really planning on extending my lease, but this just cements it.
One issue that comes up while apartment hunting, though, is my proximity to my workplace. My office is currently located at Keystone Crossing, that office complex behind the Fashion Mall. However, they are moving in a few months, and they have YET to tell us where they are moving to. I have a feeling they’re looking to the North West corner of 465, but I have yet to get any confirmation.
I have raised this subject up on The Twitter today, mentioning that I’m looking for someplace new to live. And, once again, The Indy Twitter People are jumping in on this. What side of town am I looking at? How many bedrooms? What price? Is the Geekling in school?
Indy Twitter People are awesome.
Anyway, here’s what I’m looking for.
·         Price: $600 or less
·         Side of Town: Not really anything below I-70.
·         House or apartment? Yes
·         Safe neighborhood, family and specifically child friendly.
·         At least 2 bed/2 bath. More bedrooms = more money, so I can live without an extra guest room/office.
·         Oh, my credit is lousy while my rental history is stellar.
Anything on top of that is icing on the cake.
Before I wrap up this wish list, I would like to thank @BenRisinger, @that_girl_lola, @AWishin and @matthew_conroy for jumping in with advice and information on houses and apartments in their areas. Plus a shout out to @slicklaroo and @Cantplaypiano for being cheerleaders for the East Side and the North Side, respectively. And that’s just the people who jumped in this morning.
You guys are great,


  1. If you haven't been steered there already, I might suggest the Eagle Creek area as a possible location: it fits your criteria, although I know little about rental houses there (only apartments as I originally looked in this area when I moved to Indianapolis a few years back). Specifically, I am thinking about the Parks of Oaks (I can't remember which one is the affordable one and which one is not) of Eagle Creek. Both are located right off of 56th Street near the Colts training complex and right across the street from Eagle Creek park.

    The second advantage I could see to this area would be the possibility (depending on where your office relocates to) of being able to "reverse commute," and avoid the various traffic headaches one confronts on that side of town.

    1. All right, via Google, I'm thinking you mean either The Parks of Eagle Creek or The Oaks of Eagle Creek, correct? If so, awesome. I've got them on the list of places to look into. Thanks a lot, man! Appreciate it!