Friday, August 10, 2012

Let Me Be A Gastronaut!

Have you heard of Dig Indiana at White River State Park? It’s a taste of local goodies! It has food and drink, fellowship and music, not to mention education about local food and pairing food and drink. It’s being held in a few weeks, on Sunday, August  26th from Noon to 5PM, and I really want to go.
Oh ho! I don’t just want to go, though! I want to tell everybody about the experience! Dig Indiana is having a contest to allow two lucky people to get VIP Tickets, Dig Indiana gear, and a chance to cover the event as a Gastronaut! I really think that this looks to be a lot of fun! Now, what does a Gastronaut DO, you might ask? Well, according to the contest site, the responsibilities of a Gastronaut are:
  • Tweet (#DigIN12) about your experience at Dig IN.
  • Help share blog posts about Dig IN with your friends and followers leading up to the event.
  • Help share info about giveaways for tickets, Dig IN gear, Dig IN pint and wine glasses and other great stuff.
All right, that’s good stuff! I could do this. Seriously, let’s take a look at the list:
·         Tweet about the experience? Heck, I can tweet, post photos, check in to FourSquare, even tell my Circles on Google +. Plus, I can go all day, since my Evo has a replaceable battery, and I always carry fully charged spares with me! It’ll be the same way I cover GenCon for Geeking In Indiana!
·         Blog posts? More than happy to! If I’m willing to post on my blog about how I want to be a Gastronaut, I’m MORE than willing to do blog posts talking up the event! I’m sure my 25 hits a day would, well, never mind how many hits I get! I’ll do it!
·         Giveaways? I LOVE giveaways! I love doing giveaways! I wish I had stuff to give away for my blogs! This I can do!
Frankly, I really want to do this because it looks like a lot of fun, and I’m really starting to pay closer attention to what’s going on locally. I like being able to share fun things, too.
I’m not sure this blog post will even be read, I’m just hoping that they are willing to give me a chance!
Wish me luck!

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