Thursday, August 2, 2012

Apartment Living, Something Decent

The last couple of days, I’ve had some real ranting postings, so I wanted to switch it over a bit.
Apartment living isn’t totally bad. Sometimes you end up with some really awesome neighbors, a great office staff, and people who care about the community.
There was once an apartment we spent a few years in, actually renewing the lease a few times before we got the aforementioned spoiled brat that played “Scarface” at full blast late at night, all through the night, right below our bedroom. Oh, and I can confirm he was a spoiled brat from his attitude when trying to deal with him, and confirmed by one of Shannon’s co-workers who had gone to school with him. He was a son of a local car dealer, one of those with the really annoying commercials, and his parents paid for EVERYTHING, including his rent. Anyway.
Up until that point, we had some great neighbors there, though. People who would trust us with their apartment key while they were gone to go feed their fish. People that we would loan tools to, and help out with problems, and talk with, and just be communal with. If the music was a little loud, we worked with each other to find the good volume. If Shannon was at work, and I was asleep in the middle of the day (I worked thirds at the time) and someone slight bass was going through the wall, I just slept right through it. If one of us was having a lot of friends over, we’d warn the others, not just because of the noise, but the parking. We tried to watch out for each other as much as we could.
Unfortunately, this was just one small experience in many years of renting. It could have ended up totally different if we had a communal laundry area, too, but I doubt it. They were just some decent people. However, in any apartment, people come, and people go, and thus we went.
And thus I go.

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