Friday, August 24, 2012

Food Trucks, Fringe, and Dig IN!

First, I would like to thank everyone for their offers of help and information pertaining to yesterday’s post about trying to learn Wordpress and Gimp. And for frak’s sake, NO, Gimp is not “that leather bound creature from Pulp Fiction,” Mr. I Hate Bananas. It’s going to make learning this go a bit easier, and I really appreciate it.
This is going to be another full weekend. First, Keystone Crossing is going to have a Food Truck Block Party today from 11-2 in the parking lot just south of the 9000 building, and Tony is going to get himself some NY Slice. Also there is going to be the Scratch Truck, Scout’s Treats, Mac Genie, Nicey Treat, Der Pretzel Wagen, Byrne’s Grilled Pizza, Taco Lassi, Slider Station, and Duos. That’s a lot of tasty trucks in this complex. Then, this evening, after work, I’m heading down to Mass Ave. to catch a show at Indy Fringe. It’s something called “Don’t Cross The Streams: The Cease and Desist Musical” that a friend is bringing me to, and it looks to be interesting.
Saturday, I did win tickets to Linkin Park/Incubus through DoItIndy, but sadly I will not be able to make it to the show like I was hoping. Looking at my budget, the amount of money I have for gas, it’s just not in the cards. However, I have passed the tickets on to my little brother’s former college roomie, and someone who was another member of his wedding party, so I know that they are going to be enjoyed. And no, I did NOT take money for them. I won them, they were free, so I am NOT being bitten by Karma by taking money for them! So, Saturday will instead be used for cleaning, laundry, and relaxation. Oh, and trying to put GenCon thoughts on paper for Geeking in Indiana.
Sunday is Dig IN: A Taste of Indiana at White River State Park. You might remember how I was shooting to be a Gastronaut for that event. Well, while I was not chosen, I was given tickets by the ever awesome @CS_Indy, so I’ll be attending that on Sunday from Noon to 5PM. It has been asked that I represent the “Big Boi Balds” so I’m hoping I don’t bring shame and dishonor to that name, whatever it might be. I’m looking forward to an awesome day of local meals and beverages, meeting more social media people, hearing some good local music, and I see that they have something about “urban gardening” which I’m also very interested in, especially if they can cover things pertaining to apartment gardening.
Then Monday, it’s back to the office, and I try to start distilling the weekend into blog posts.
Have a great weekend, folks, and keep an eye open for my bald fat arse and say hi, if you want!

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