Monday, October 17, 2011

Today has been fun

Oh my, what a wonderful day I'm having.

Spent the first two hours getting my PC at work set back up after it was wiped out late last week.

Get finished with that, okay, I'm back taking calls.

Find out a business trip I'm taking on Halloween weekend is actually THIS weekend. Halloween weekend is after a pay day. This weekend is not. And did I mention that we don't get an allowance? All of our food and gas is reimbursed AFTER the fact?

So I'm looking forward to the midnight release at Gamestop tonight, and then I find out that I'm on call between 8-10 AM because I MIGHT need to go to a location and do desk side support, something I am NOT trained on, for a client who I have NO idea who it is.

I'm ready to go home now.


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