Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Arkham City Midnight Release

Last night wasn’t about exercise, it was about Geekery, plain and simple. Last night was the midnight release of Batman: Arkham City, the follow-up to the excellent Batman: Arkham Asylum. Now, while I’m broke, it doesn’t mean I don’t have ways of getting games. You just have to be selective, because you can’t get many of them, and patient. In this case, it involved trading in games we don’t play any longer, plus Gift Cards received from doing surveys at E*Rewards. Yes, occasionally those survey sites are legit.
I had finished paying off the game on Sunday, and when I was there, I was asked if I would be back Monday night/Tuesday morning for the midnight release. Hell, I get off work at 10PM, it started at 10PM, so why not? Even though Monday wasn’t necessarily the best day, and it was cold and rainy when I left, I still headed on over to see what was going on.
Bit of history; last midnight release/event of any type I did was for Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, so we can see how low my expectations were. Well, when I walked in there was already a decent sized crowd there, and the person who told me about the release was bouncing around the back of the store, in a Robin “costume” which consisted of tights w/green shorts over the top, and a Robin Shirt and cape, daring people to shoot him with a Nerf gun. Every time the door opened, the crowd greeted the newcomer with a “HEY!” in the same vein as Norm entering the bar.
The night consisted of random drawings, a costume contest which made the costume geek in me wince, rounds of Simon Says, and a trivia contest for Arkham City Posters and a standee, with runners up given digital downloads of the Arkham City soundtrack. I was able to procure one of these when they went off on a tangent about Pulp Fiction, and “Robin” asked if anyone knew Samuel L. Jackson’s speech on Ezekiel 25:17. So sue me, I listened to the soundtrack a LOT a few years ago, and it was one of the tracks. Nothing funnier than watching a fat white guy attempt a Samuel L. Jackson impression, but I digress…
Overall, it was a fun evening, with people walking out with Downloadable Content, Posters, import Batman figures, standees, and digital albums along with their games. The actual game line was well done; at about ten minutes until midnight, we all went outside the store and we were told the swiftest way to pick up our games. I meandered to the end of the line, and I had my game at about 3 minutes after midnight.
For those who are curious, I picked up the standard X-Box 360 version, which had pre-order bonuses of a Batman Animated Series skin (for Powerup Rewards members,) a Joker’s Carnival Map, and a download code for a streaming version of the cartoon Batman: Gotham Knights, which I’m STILL trying to figure out how to use since the instructions on the receipt are very, VERY vague. Add that to my free digital download of the soundtrack, and I think I had a good haul.
Now, you are probably wondering how the game is. In all honesty, I haven’t even broken the shrink wrap yet. I got home at about a quarter after midnight, I grabbed a quick snack, and I passed out because I had to be up at 7AM to be “on call” for some desk side support work, that I ended up not having to do.
Oh well, Wednesday night will be here soon, and then I’ll be able to take a look. But tonight, back to the grind of Couch 2 5K.

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