Sunday, October 16, 2011

So how did today go?

Well, I said I was going to get back in the saddle, and I rode it hard. You know, hard for an obese geek.

Did 2 sets of 10 push ups. Not really worried about muscle tone right now, but damn gym class has stuck in my  head that any workout requires push ups.

Did 25 jumping jacks at random because Boston came on the PC while I was stretching, and all of a sudden stretches turned into jumping jacks. Damn you, Boston!

Finally, completed day 1 of C25K. Look at my earlier entries about failure on this. Went an extra few minutes walking, because my previous Runkeeper records are based off of 35 minutes, but ended at 1.92 miles with a mixture of walking and slow, ponderous "jogging" that would remind your average onlooker of Dudley Dursley chasing after a cake.

Made sure to wipe the machine down as I finished, because I was sweating like a woman of ill repute in a holy place, and then got home, did stretches to cool down, and then took a shower, because even though I'm the only one here... ugh.

Tomorrow? Tomorrow will be an off day. Probably do something to add to my points on Fitocracy, but just push ups, stretching, perhaps some crunches and jumping jacks. Mainly watching my intake, trying not to sit at my desk all day, and then going to the midnight release of Batman: Arkham City to pick up my copy (paid for with gift cards from surveys and trade ins, remember, no money?) for the 360 and see if I can score some DLC codes.

Now to relax, enjoy a cup of tea, and pass out.

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  1. Nice job on getting back into your workouts!! I like your description of your run, that was pretty funny!! The new Batman game looks amazing, please let me know if it lives up to the hype.