Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Desire to Learn Something New

They always say that you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Well, this dog isn't that old. I'm only going to be 36 in May, and provided that I remember to look both ways before crossing the street, and we're able to hold off the zombie and/or robot apocalypse, I'm doing my best to keep on for a while. I've been smoke free for almost 4 years, I'm trying to exercise, and I'm pondering improving my eating habits.

Maybe when Taco Bell stops being so dang delicious...

Anyway, sometimes, I get a burr up my bum to learn something new. Sometime, this is just a phase, like my desire to start knitting last year. However, to be fair, I still think that would be something interesting to learn, but that's not the point of this post.

For the past year, I've been listening to Steve Martin, Mumford & Sons, and Kermit the Frog a bit too much.

That's right, I want a banjo. I want to learn to pick, to strum, to do rolls, I want to be able to hide down by Eagle Creek Reservoir and freak out people out in their canoes and kayaks. I want to be able to create, and make music again. I like making music. I used to play the Sax in high school and college, and used to own an Alto, Soprano, and still own a Tenor, that's in storage in California.

Story of my life.

So, I've been looking around at banjos. A lot. I mean, I've been haunting Sam Ash and Guitar Center, looking at the different ones. I've been watching YouTube videos every night on my phone, looking at differences between the 4 and 5 String Banjos. I have Banjo for Dummies on hold at the library. Reading reviews, lusting, dreaming, and generally obsessing. The funny thing is, I think I already have a line in on a 4 string through an old Star Trek friend who I've recently reconnected with. If I get this banjo, and if I am able to practice and actually not get discouraged and ignore it, then I shall pick up a 5 String so I can start playing songs using that. Perhaps one like this one right here.

Of course, I also need to get a capoa tuner, some finger picks, and a thumb pick, as well.

Then comes the practicing. I figure I can get up, and do a bit of practice before work. I could also test and see how soundproof one of the conference rooms are at work in the evening. Heck, I figure that, at 8 or 9 PM, I can take a lunch break, practice for a while, and it should be okay, don't you think?

Now, this is out there. We shall see if it really happens. If it does, that you'll definitely know about it, since I kinda want to get good enough that I can do some of my own YouTube banjo videos.

Since that's what YouTube needs: More Banjo Videos.

Have a great week, folks.


  1. Don't forget "Earl Scrugs" and "The Sleepyman banjo Boys". I think a pair of overalls would suit you.

    1. Remember, these are the people that I listened to that got me wanting to play. Everything else is now being listened to in order to get more familiar with it.
      And Sleepy Man? Dude, I can only hope to one day play as well as that kid.