Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Sometimes, there is a challenge too good to pass up.

For some, it's one that they saw on "Man vs. Food" involving a 72 oz. steak in Texas. For others, it's a marathon. For yet others, it's writing.

For the past few years, I've had friends put forth challenges on The Twitter and on The Book of Face. I'm not talking about those challenges like "98% of people on Facebook don't have the courage to share this picture of a kitten that looks like Fred Savage." Instead, I'm talking about good challenges. "Join me in the Couch to 5K Program." (Failed) "Join me in a 4K that involves beer!" (Success) "Make a pie for charity that involves a donut." (Nailed it) "Do a plank a day!" (Why not? I'm doing mine when I'm done with this post.)

Now I'm on another challenge.

Ever since my promotion, I haven't given this blog the time that it deserves. Add in the extra attention that I'm giving to the Geeking in Indiana blog, and this one is basically gathering dust. It turns out that I'm not the only one that this has happened to. So, what happened was a conversation on Twitter between some of them, and my name was thrown into the mix. After some Twitter discussion, a few group emails, and a private Facebook Group, the Blog Post a Week Club.

Pretty much what happens is, everybody chooses a day of the week, and we commit to doing a blog post on that day. We support each other, we promote each other, and sometimes we might even do some themed postings across the blogs.

You can find the blogs listed on the sidebar over there, in a box labeled "Blog a Week Club." I will also give you the schedule of the blogs here:

Sunday - Open Day
Tuesday - Hey, that's me!
Wednesday - Horrorbore by @TylerLee83
Thursday - CS_Indy's Blog by @CS_Indy
Saturday - Open Day

It was decided to mainly go Monday through Friday, since blogs normally just don't get the hits on the weekends. There is also a blog listed for 8 Bit Artist, but they haven't jumped in since the initial discussion, letting us know what day they want.

So join me as, starting next week, I try to start doing blog posts that don't apologize for not doing blog posts, or talk about exercise, or talk about doing another blog!

Check out my fellow crazynutbars, and I'll see you next Tuesday!

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