Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Little Wednesday Randomness

Sometimes, I like to sit here at work with a blank word document open, just to see what happens. More often than not, it’s about as successful as getting a bunch of monkeys together on typewriters and trying to get something other than feces thrown at you. Other times, I get a semi-coherent thought or three to put up here. Right now, I’m a bit distracted to put together something coherent, but let’s see what I can do.

First, I’m typing this up on Tuesday evening, and hopefully going to schedule it for Wednesday. I’m not much for writing in advance, and scheduling, so I felt it only fair to disclose that.
Moving on… since this is my “On Call” weekend at work, I’m taking Wednesday off and coming in on Saturday instead. This is going to let me visit a couple of Comic Book Shops for the Geeking in Indiana page, have lunch with Spencer Sokol at a joint called Bellacino’s, and get some work done around the house, since I’m actually feeling motivated to work for once! So, I have such excitement as teriyaki chicken in the crock pot, doing dishes, calling Comcast to cancel our free HBO before it’s no longer free, backing up PC stuff, working on my bicycle, and putting Christmas decorations in storage.

Don’t you wish you lived my exciting life?
Something else that I’m going to be playing with is Wordpress. For this website, blogger is fine. This is a stream of thought, mundane details of my sad little existence sort of site, chronicling the high points provided by a lot of the awesome people that I know. However, for a blog like Geeking in Indiana, I’m finding it lacking. So, I’ve set up a private webpage on Wordpress where I’m going to attempt to build something better. If it works, then that’s awesome. I’ll get together $13 to transfer the domain name over, and kill the Blogspot page. If it doesn’t work, well then at least I’m still updating the Blogspot page, so I’m not really out anything, am I?

I love ADD when it comes to my sites… my inability to stay in one place is gonna kill my SEO, or my brand, or some other silly term.

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