Friday, September 21, 2012

Why Indianapolis School on Wheels?

I might not have been a fan of it at the time, but being school aged wasn't all bad. My brother and I would get off the bus at the end of the day, grab a snack and watch after school cartoons, and then do homework in our rooms before, and sometimes after dinner with our mom and dad.

Okay, sometimes I'd fake the homework thing, but let's not ruin this image, okay?

The point is, this was a normal thing for us, and we didn't think twice about it. Not once did it go through our child minds that there were kids who didn't have a home to go to, but a shelter. That there were kids who wanted to learn, but had no desk of their own to study at, or pens to write with, or even clean sheets of paper to write on.

Indy School on Wheels thought about that, though. They saw that there were more than 3,000 homeless children in the city of Indianapolis, and in 2001 they started visiting homeless shelters to help these kids with tutoring and support for these kids who might not be seeing that bright of a future in front of them.

I'm a father, and I've been right on the verge of homelessness myself before. I would never want the Geekling to have to grow up thinking that nobody cared enough to even give her basic tools for school so she could better herself. To have to go to class without a backpack, or other supplies. So when my Social Media friends started talking about doing a fundraiser for them, I had to lend a hand.

Thanks to some good friends at the local Half Price Books, I was able to get them some of the books on their Wanted list, namely two sets of Harry Potter Novels. Then, last weekend, after hearing that Target had put their Back to School supplies on deep clearance, I was able to get my folks to hit some of the Targets around Anderson and Muncie, and ended up with a good load of stuff for them from that.

The haul. Hopefully gonna help some folks out.
On top of this, on this coming Monday, we are going to hold "Pie Wars: The Pastry Strikes Back" with all proceeds going to benefit this outstanding group! Pie Wars is going to be a pie competition/opportunity to eat pie and hang out with great people. Being held from 6PM to 9PM at the Indianapolis City Market, this has the makings of a great event, and I know I will be there. For the competition, I'm planning on making a Bavarian Cream Donut Pie, which is what happens with Donut Jokes go too far on The Twitter. For general consumption, since Marion County Health Codes prohibit home made pies, I am planning on seeing what Concannon's in Muncie might have that is very tasty.

Sorry, I'd go for a bakery in Indy, but I only know Marsh. Muncie/Anderson/New Castle is where I grew up.

So anyway, click on the banner above to pre-register for the event through Eventbrite. Hurry, because time is running out! And once you've done that, if you like, please think to check here to see their Wish List of what they need most to help these children.

Help Indy School on Wheels. Children should be free of these kinds of worries.

I'll see you Monday.

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