Monday, September 3, 2012

Eight Months, Still No Witty Title

Happy Labor Day, everybody.

Today I'm going to do some musings on this labor. This blog. Yeah, I do this often. Feel free to move on, but I figured that today was a good day, since there is really nobody online anyway, since it's a day off work, and nobody needs to kill time and pretend that they're busy.

I've actually had *INSERT WITTY TITLE HERE* for a little under a year, but I really started using it in January of this year as a little personal challenge. Mainly, to see if I could actually keep going with a blog over the course of 2012. Personally, I don't think I'm doing too bad with this. This will be post 196 on this blog, which is about 160 more than I thought I was going to do.

Now, I apologize, because I know I've repeated myself sometimes. I sometimes joke about it, but I really am broken in the brainpan, and I will forget things. I will forget to wear pants, I will forget birthdays, and I will forget whether or not I've written on a topic. Sometimes, I will remember to go through my post list to see if it's something that I might have written on, but since I'm so vague on a lot of things, I can't always tell. Someday, I will figure out how to get all that documented so I can check it easier. Perhaps making better use of labels? I dunno, anyway.

One thing that DOES blow my mind is that people read this. Yeah, I know everybody says that, but seriously! This is what I like to call my "Vanity Blog." It's where I post things I do, things I like, and just random mental musings that, for some reason, I think people would want to read. I wasn't expecting anyone to read it. Hell, my PARENTS didn't even get the blog address until late last week.

And yet.

Last month, the month of August, I got 908 views on my website. Nine. Hundred. And. Eight. Yeah, that's only about 29-30 views a day, but I'm a blog about NOTHING. I'm not a daddy blog, I'm not a tech blog, I'm not a movie blog, I'm not a geek blog. I'm a Tony blog. I write about Tony things.

And about 30 people a day seem to want to read about Tony things.

I think that is equal parts awesome and intimidating. It makes me want to make the Tony things a bit more exciting than sitting here and reading books about Cast Member experiences at Walt Disney World. It makes me want to do more stuff like Dig IN, GenCon, and Fringe. No, it's NOT enough to make me want to do things like RibFest, or any of the races that this city is known for, but it DOES make me want to get out and do more. It makes me occasionally embarrassed about my wandering style, my occasional inability to make a point, or get to a point, or make any sense, or bacon pants.

Don't get me wrong, I don't do this blog for views, and trust me, you aren't making SQUAT financially with a blog like this, so it's obviously not about that. I just do this for fun, and sometimes it's fun to look at the number of people hitting your page, or the top search items that bring people here.

For the record? It's folks searching for "Indianapolis Comic Con." Seriously, Con organizers, get on this.

Anyway, I guess what I'm trying to say is Thank You.

Yes, you. I'm serious.

Thank you for visiting this blog, reading my disjointed ramblings, and sticking with this.

Thank you to my social media friends who click on the links that I post up, and sometimes comment, either on here or on the social media sites about what I write. You guys are awesome.

Thank you to my real life friends that sometimes stumble across this as well, be it on Google Plus or Facebook. Yeah, not many of my real life friends use Twitter.

Just... thanks to everybody.

You are all #awesome.

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