Monday, September 17, 2012

Holy... Wow, What a Week!

Geez, are you guys still with me? I sure hope so!

Last week was my first week moving from Front Desk/Receptionist to Supervisor at Ye Olde Place of Employment. I was thinking that it wouldn't be too bad. I just wouldn't be able to type up blog posts in the morning at the Front Desk. No biggie, I type them the night before, and schedule them the next morning, right? Well, not exactly.

Sunday night went okay, I put a post up that updated Monday morning. However, no scheduled Tweets went out for it. Eh, no biggie. However, come Monday night, brain was toast. Broken. It was like that the rest of the week, as well. I would get off work, come home, make dinner, then crawl into bed and either read a book, or watch Star Trek: Deep Space Nine on Netflix until I passed out.

No blogging. No Twitter. Nothing.

Then, on top of that, I've been spending my whole shift in the Supervisor office, at my desk, learning paperwork, doing supervisory things, and re-learning the client. With the exception of Monday, I haven't been able to do my walks around the lake, and even though I'm now fitting in pants that haven't fit me in three years (!) I'm feeling myself getting softer around the middle again.

Now, I know this is important. I need to get this stuff down, so the rest of the supervisor team can stop covering for the missing supervisor/trainee supervisor. However, I need to also focus on what's important to ME, and since my family is STILL out of town, that is my blogs, and my exercise.

This weekend, I was going to work on them all again, but I was invited out to my folks place to help with some minor tech troubleshooting, and to try to get some supplies for Indy School on Wheels. So, while I wasn't able to get any walking or writing done, I was able to procure a bunch of supplies for this organization, so I'm marking that down as a win. So, I get home, schedule some tweets for a couple of friends, and then I sit down to write.

As I'm working on this post, I get pulled away for a few hours by the ever-awesome @BgKahuna and @TheJoshMalcak to help with their podcast, @ThePonyHour. (Edited that sentence because I've been informed that Prima Donna Kahuna never gets second billing ) Yeah, I get to play "Cameraman Tony" for them, helping run the recorder and occasionally cracking wise for them. It's a good time, and I love those guys to death, but it really set me back on this. I'm not complaining, though, because hanging around them really energizes me, and it's given me the energy to get this done.

So, this week. I'm back to a blog post every day. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I'll be posting here, and Tuesday and Thursday I'll be posting on Geeking in Indiana. I'm going to be stepping out of the office for a walk around the lake every day, if for no other reason than keeping my sanity and walking off these french fries I had for dinner.

Wish me luck this week, folks. Writing, exercising, hopefully doing some light cleaning, and re-wiring my "entertainment center" are all on the docket for this week.

Let's see how it goes.

Thanks for sticking with me. I love you all.

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