Monday, October 8, 2012

Topsy Turvy

Yeah, I guess this has taken a back seat to life, hasn't it?

I'm still here, and I'm still surprised that I have anyone else here too.

Life has just been nuts the last few weeks. The promotion has been great, and I'm on my first evening of flying solo as I sit here and write this, but my writing time has been sorely diminished. I'm at work most of the day, filling my brain with knowledge that I have forgotten, or plain didn't know, and then go home exhausted from learning it all. Add in events like Pie Wars, seeing friends, setting up an apartment move, getting things ready for my family's return from California, and I'm just not writing as much as I used to.

However, what this means, at least in my head, is that after the first 200 posts, I'm going to stop focusing on quantity and looking at quantity. Actually fleshing out thoughts and writing about them, as opposed to trying to scrape up something every day, or every other day, to put up. I guess one can say I'm still trying to find out what this blog's voice, what MY voice, is out here. In the words of Spencer Sokol, I'm "Just stupid enough" to believe it.

My major focus now, however, is getting Geeking in Indiana back up. First step is remembering how to get the domain name re-attached to the little sub-blog, so it's up and out there. I figure that, as long as it's hidden and not available, I have no incentive to work on it. If it's out there, and available for the public to see, then pride will make me work on it and focus a bit more. I really like the idea, but I keep coming up with excuses. The excuses need to end.

For those who are hanging with me, thank you. I'm not sure WHY you are, but thank you. As always, keep your eyes open for me on The Twitter, and make sure to check out "The Pony Hour" podcast from my friends @BgKahuna and @TheJoshMalcak. Disclaimer: I have yet to see a Pony, and they are normally well under an hour. Seriously, "Like" their page on The Book of Face.

Take it easy, folks. I'll see ya when I've got something to say.

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