Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bit of a Geek

Yeah, I've said it before, and I'll say it again.

I'm a Geek.

No, not one of those people who bite the heads off chickens. More of the current Geek. The kind of guy who dresses up in replica movie costumes on nights other than Halloween. The kind of guy who loves tossing dice at a table with his friends that have more than 6 sides. The kind of guy who will read webcomics late into the night on my phone, instead of sleeping.

Like I said, I've said all this before. I've written about attending conventions, costumes I've worn, working in Hollywood, the full nine yards. I have a Geekling that refuses to blink when she looks at a stone angel, and loves playing with her Daddy's stuffed X-Wing Fighter.

I'm a Geek.

I'm a Geek that has finally started getting the ball rolling on his dream blog.

I have finally just completely nuked the Wordpress blog, and in the meantime, I'm working within the constraints of Google's Blogger platform. Yes, the same platform that this blog is written on. So far, I think I'm making it work, but we'll see.

So, what I've finally started back up is my Geeking in Indiana blog. This is a blog about being a Geek in Indiana. Shops to visit, events and conventions to attend, and just different Geeky things I've done around here. Yeah, sometimes it'll be about events out of Indiana, but 98% will be based inside our wonderful state's borders. So far, I've uploaded most of my review posts from the old Wordpress blog, and I'm working on editing and updating those posts, as well as putting up new content.

Not only do I have that, but I have the Indiana Geeking Twitter Feed that I'm updating a bit more regularly. I'll be using that feed to whore out new posts, as well as interacting with friends and fellow geeks using less than 140 characters.

I've also got a Facebook Page for the blog. It's another place that I'll be posting about new articles, as well as talking about upcoming events, conventions, and other things of Geek Interest happening around the area.

For those who love it, I've got a Google Plus page that I've started, as well. I know I have some friends on the Plus, so feel free to add me to your Circles.

Finally, I've also got a map. Yes, a frakkin' GOOGLE MAP listing every place I've found on my web searching, thumbing through phone books, and driving around. The Map is being tagged as I review places with a link to the blog, and will hopefully be a good reference for my fellow geeks.

So here we go. It's up, it's posted.

Let's do this.

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