Monday, November 26, 2012

Is it January Yet?

You know, I'm used to going out of Thanksgiving Weekend into the month of December. Is anyone else a bit thrown off with the 1st not coming until Saturday? Oh well.

This time of year stresses me out to no end. I've got a Geekling who thinks that everything she sees on television and goes "I want it!" will be brought to her by Sandy Claws on Christmas morning. Yes, Sandy Claws. She loves "The Nightmare Before Christmas" and has been quoted as saying, upon seeing a fat, jolly Santa, "That not Santa, Jack Santa!" Anyway, trying to gently let her know that there isn't a snowball's chance that Santa will be bringing her Gak is only met with tears and screaming, so I'm still working on that.

On top of that, our office hasn't moved yet, and we're still behind the Fashion Mall at Keystone. That makes traffic... fun. I am having to go out of the way, and come through the back entrance to the office park, to actually make it to work on time. And this is when I leave an hour early. Mall traffic just gives me anxiety, that's all there is to it. Probably comes from having spent 10 of the last 14 Christmas season's working retail.

Gift buying is also fun. I've got Shannon taken care of, and I think the Geekling is pretty good, but what about my brother and his family? My parents? The in-laws? Yeah, I'm looking at handmade presents. Well, I am for everyone but the nephews, because how can you explain to a six and three year old why they aren't getting a toy from their Aunt and Uncle? Yeah, you can't. I'm sorry. Everyone else will understand, I hope.

Holidays are just a time of stress and struggling with money. Yeah, I know this is a downer topic, but I can't be all Unicorn Farts and Rainbows, I'm sorry. The holidays are times of the type of stress that I won't put out there for anything, but stress none the less. They are times where I really wish I could get 4 or 5 extra jobs so I could buy people gifts from Dollar Tree and still be able to afford to eat and pay the other bills. It's the time where I start stressing about the extra 70 miles a week I'm driving because my workplace hasn't moved during the time frame that I thought we would be moving, so my budget has been thrown off. It's the time of year that we're hitting websites that offer Amazon Gift Cards as perks heavily so we can get a little extra scratch.

I know that I shouldn't be so materialistic, and feel like I need to be giving store bought trinkets to everyone that's related to me in some way, but I do. These are people who always support me, in their own way. They slip me gas money, they buy me lunch or dinner. They give an encouraging word, or they let me know when I'm being a putz. These are people that always give to me, and yet I can never afford to give anything back.

So, if you see me posting, asking if it's January yet, there you go. I'll make it, I'll try not to be moody, but it happens. I'll just try to keep it off of here.


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  1. I'm sorry that this time of year has you feeling down. I don't mind the mopey post—sometimes saying something or writing it down helps on its own. And it's always better to know how you feel, and express it, than just act out without any reflection.

    What gets me down about the winter is the darkness. I know I should get some daylight when I can but, you know, it's cold out there! The dogs could use some exercising, *I* could use some exercising, and the fresh air is good for us all. That said, if you'd like to take a walk at Eagle Creek Park sometime, let me know! Have park pass, will travel (to park).

    Also, handmade gifts rock. Don't doubt it.