Thursday, December 29, 2011

Two Days in a Row, or Look! More Internet Pollution!

So, I came up with a new resolution yesterday.

You know those social apps that automatically post updates to Facebook or Twitter? Applications and websites like Get Glue, Miso, Foursquare, Gowalla, CardioTrainer, Runkeeper, Sparkpeople, and the like? Well, I don't use ALL of those, but I use many of them, and I realized something.

If most of my feeds on social network sites are auto posts from these, that means I'm really doing it wrong.

Now, I didn't have many that did that, but I am trying to make sure NONE of them do that, unless I have something that I think is worth saying to go with them, like a witty comment about a show I'm watching, or a new personal best on an exercise app, or something, and even those will be few and far between.

Second, remember how I mentioned that I need to be more active on those blogs I run? Yeah, was reminded by my webhost (who does NOT support SOPA, BTW) that one of my domain names and my hosting will be up for renewal at the end of January. That's a hundred and thirty-odd dollars for something that I'm not sure many people are reading when it IS up, and I haven't really had up for half a year. However, I figure I'm going to give it one more year, and if not, I'll throw in the towel on it. All I want is for enough people to see it that the advertising for it let's it cover it's own bills.

Finally, hit the gym last night. More chafing. That is all.


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