Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Need More Time

You ever think that you really need some more time?

Let's just discount stuff from work for a second, although I have a LOT on my plate there.

Outside of that, I have blogs. I have this blog, and Geeking in Indiana. I kind of have a need to create content for these blogs, like I'm doing right now. However, while this blog is easy, I essentially find a subject, and I write until I'm done writing, Geeking isn't as easy. It has a focus, and I really don't like to stray from that focus. The problem is, finding the time to get information for those posts, and the money to make it to parts of Indiana so I can gather the content? That's not easy, and it's why that site is in a lull.

Moving on to other projects. I'm part of a small group of Indy Geek Bloggers who are trying to band together, promote each other's blogs as well as work on some group content. I just got off of an hour Google Plus hangout with a couple of them, honestly, and there are some good ideas, and I'm kinda psyched about working with these awesome people. However, time.

Saturday, I was part of the new format of "The Pony Hour" podcast, which was fun, but also took away from hitting the Who North America open house for Geeking, along with visiting other shops for content. Am I upset about this? Do I regret this? Not at all, I love those guys and what they do, but I wish I had more time.

I'm trying to practice the banjo, but now that I have the finger picks and I'm properly doing rolls, it's kind of loud, and late nights just don't work with that. Once again, time.

At work, I've been putting in 10 hour days instead of my normal 8, because I have so many projects that I don't have time for it all. This cuts into the time I can use for personal/blog projects, plus since I'm so busy at work I can't do little bits here and there on personal projects during my off time, because I currently do not HAVE any. So, time comes into play.

And this is all with my family out of state. When they get back, they will take up a LOT of my time, since I do not want to neglect my girls! So then there will be no time.

Until then, though, it's time for  me to reevaluate my time, and try to find more time.

Til next time,

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